Nova Resolution Industries, the manufacturer of EZcount® invites you to join Nova’s OEM Partner Program™. Nova’s OEM Partners are companies which intend to encapsulate or bundle the EZcount product with their own product to provide a value-added package to their customers. OEM Partners are original equipment manufacturing companies which manufacture and distribute various bulk vending equipment.

There are different ways to participate in Nova’s OEM Partner Program. EZcount is a universal product which could be sold by itself or as a value added package with your coin mechanisms or your vending machines. When sold by itself your participation is distribution, EZcount. When EZcount is inserted inside (with-In) the box with your coin-mechanism or your machine you participate in Bundling EZcount With-In™. When you install EZcount onto coin-mechanisms or into a vending machine, you Encapsulate Nova’s product, EZcount Installed™.

OEM-Participation Who Installs Logo Usage
Encapsulation OEM EZcount Installed
Bundling Customer EZcount With-In
Distribution Customer EZcount

OEM Partner Coupon Strategy Program
OEM Partner Coupon Strategy is a marketing plan that will boost sales incrementally for the OEM Partner by using EZcount Installed™, EZcount With-In™. EZcount will act as a tool by offering EZcount for nominal fees, coupon if you will, and directly bring sales up incrementally for the OEM Partner’s equipment. The strategy is aimed at a particular sector of the OEM’s customer base corresponding with the OEM’s discount quantity break points for machines and coin mechanisms purchased. Researching, knowing the demographics, and discussing the information with Nova strategically attack the sector.

Benefits of the EZcount® OEM Partners Program™
EZcount is 100% compatible and ready to install on most all specific OEM coin-mechs. and machines.

The OEM Partner Program will be able to offer OEM’s equipment with EZcount Installed or EZcount With-In for nominal fees to the end user and boost OEM sales incrementally.

EZcount will be accessible now to the OEM Partner for Additional OEM discounts.

The OEM Partner will have an advantage and competitive edge over their competitors by offering OEM equipment with EZcount Installed or With-In at a nominal fee.

Encapsulation will require minor work on the part of the OEM installing EZcount onto the coin-mech. (one or two screw attachment).

Nova Resolution Industries offers OEM Partners a system of consumer awareness by use of the EZcount Installed, EZcount With-In, and EZcount Compatible logos to streamline sales. Nova and OEM Partner will provide cross advertisement, ample advertisement locally, Nationwide and abroad.

Nova’s web site will contain links to OEM Partner’s web site.

Other markets will open up and will be obtainable a little bit easier; such as, the insertion of machines w/ EZcount Installed into major retail Chain outlets, such as, Walmart, K-Mart, Regal Cinemas, Toys-R-Us, Blockbuster and many more that have a need for accountability and *Labor Cost Savings.

The OEM Partner Program will facilitate and capture a huge market in the field to motivate the exchange/replacement of worn, used, machines and mechanisms for new machines and mechanisms via EZcount Installed or EZcount With-In to create millions of new additional sales for the OEM Partner.

EZcount & The OEM Partner Coupon Program Strategy are commercial viable products and an efficient marketing plan when used as an added value package, sales will enhance incrementally for the OEM & Nova.

Find out how you can receive a portion of recurring income through our EZcount Royalty Service Program contact Us Today...

The OEM Partner agrees to keep all OEM Partner Information Confidential.

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