Nova Resolution Industries manufacture and distributes original, innovative and introductory patented products in the Bulk and Flat Vending Industry, such as, EZcount®, EZcount® Data Unit™.

Elliott Porco, President and Principal owner of Nova Resolution Industries, Inc. currently owns five United States patents and various trademarks in the Bulk and Flat Vending Industry (BVI), including Nova’s newest Patents for retrieving and transferring electronic Data in the Bulk and Flat Vending Industry

At Nova Resolution our staff will take all efforts in offering you quality service to suite your professional needs. We aim to deliver customer satisfaction and product at the best cost effective prices. In order to achieve this goal Nova’s engineering, research and development team and all manufacturing and production are done overseas. All distribution is done from Nova’s based head of operations in New York.

Elliott Porco has been involved, via AllStar Peanuts & Games, Inc. as President, in Bulk and Flat Vending for 20 years and has always seen a need for accountability in this Industry. The type of locations AllStar operated & serviced were mostly small independent stores. AllStar’s Bulk Vending segment of business, not like video/arcade, soda or snack machines had no means of accountability, assessment, management for cash and product performance. Similar companies suffered this same dilemma. This dilemma caused frustration in the industry for Bulk Equipment Manufacturers, Operators, and the Corporate Retail Chain Outlets.

Since the birth of the bulk vending machine, about 100 years ago, there has never been money accountability because the lack of a counter/metering device on the machine. The bulk-vending operator had suffered, for many years, with product performance, tracking money and keeping integrity in the business.

Early on Elliott started to implement some ideas for accountability. One method was using specific bulk containers that ALLStar had designed for specific bulk product. Other methods involved metering systems. The container method had each 10 lb. container configured for each product. As the containers were depleted you knew how much money was coming back. All the methods were good but never gave enough comfort-zone for precise money and product management. Elliott’s metering ideas started to be implemented. Prototypes of meters were designed and developed. The prototypes were tested for precise money and product management. Patent applications were then filed.

In 1997 Elliott Porco crashed the National Bulk Vending Association (NBVA) Trade Show in Orlando Florida with an EZcount Prototype. The response was great and remarkable, but not surprising at all, it was expected. One of the first foremost and major responses, via a Fax letter after the NBVA Trade Show was from Original Equipment Manufacturer of Bulk Vending equipment, Oak Mfg, a leader in the Industry of Bulk Equipment expressing a need for a meter for their coin mechanisms.

The introduction of EZcount at the National Bulk Vending Association (NBVA) Trade Show in Orlando Florida in April of 1997 received great attention and response and would revolutionize the industry for years to come. The design, EZcount, made it convenient for the operator to install and the price was cost effective for the industry. It was then decided to start a new company, Nova Resolution Industries, Inc. and EZcount was on its way. Elliott’s interests and concerns changed from AllStar’s day-to-day operations to Nova Resolution’s future of innovative products. By this time money, labor, and concentration now shifted to Nova. The financial burden for administrative costs, overhead, seed money, and capital for Nova relied on Elliott’s & AllStar’s shoulders. Other various prototypes were still being developed. The method and type of EZcount that was chosen for development, production and distribution is driven by a unique innovative Patented contact group/switch owned by Nova Resolution industries, Inc. This particular Patent method of EZcount went into production in March of 1999. Nova Resolution Industries started distributing & satisfying orders in June of 1999.

Nova’s plans included a strategic marketing formula designed for a steady advanced progression of EZcount models. Today Nova has in production over 2 dozen EZcount models that cover a world-wide market for Bulk and Flat Vending.

Since April of 1997 Nova’s EZcount has visited and held booths at the National Bulk Vending Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, Coronado, California in 1998, FT. Lauderdale, Florida in 1999, Las Vegas, Nevada in 2000 and Orlando, Florida in 2003. There has been up to a dozen press releases on Nova Resolution Industries and Nova’s innovative product, EZcount.

Major manufacturers, retail chain outlets and operators of bulk vending machines, including WalMart, Regal Cinema’s, Multiplex, Showcase Cinema’s and Blockbuster Entertainment has shown major interest in Nova’s product EZcount.

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