Nova Resolution Industries Inc. unveils its New EZcount Remote System

NEW YORK, NY Today, Tuesday, April 10, 2007: Nova Resolution Industries announces exciting news for the Bulk Vending Industry. It will unveil its new EZcount Remote System at the upcoming NBVA Trade Show in Las Vegas, April 19th – 21st, 2007.

The new EZcount Remote System gives optimal power to the Bulk Vending Industry. Some of the features include:

• Read all meters at a location from a distance of 1-100 feet without opening a machine;
• Complete remote access via the Internet
• Access your meter sitting at your desk
• Data accessible from remote locations
• New EZcount Remote meter keeps all luxuries from previous meters, such as: Digital Display, Route Management, Real-Time Reports, Wireless Capabilities, Data Acquisition and more

The new EZcount Remote System will have 3 levels of functionality power. All levels will give the user capability to read machines without ever opening them up. Each level will be priced accordingly, they are:

1st Level – will give the user the ability to transfer data to a co-pilot enabling the service man to read the information from a digital display either on the co-pilot or the meter itself.

2nd Level – will give the user the ability to use a PDA to transfer the data for a complete Route Management System;

3rd Level – will give the user ultimate power, by being able to access the data from a remote location.

This revolutionary new design is what the vending industry has been waiting for and requesting. “Nova is constantly receiving a demand/interest in a remote access meter and now Nova is able to fulfill that void” states, Mr. Peter Levine, Director of Information Technology at Nova Resolution. The EZcount Remote System can help you optimize your manpower, as well as reduce the downtime of broken machines.

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